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About me:

I guess I caught the 'virus' for travelling and enjoying living in other countries/cultures during my freshman year at a highschool in the USA 1973-1974. As soon as I had finished school in Germany in 1978, I left for Paris to study for Make-Up Artist. I ended up living in that beautiful city for almost 9 years! I did go back to Germany just for the time it took to obtain my translator certification.


In 1987 I moved to Amsterdam with a job and I stayed in the Netherlands for the next 22 years.


After having spent a couple of summer vacations with bulgarian friends on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria I knew it was time for the 'big' move and start a new life here.

And I have not regretted this move one single day!! Beautiful nature, very warm and welcoming people and so much less stressful than life in western Europe!!

From 1997 until Summer 2013 I worked in Technical Support and the last 7 years as Project Manager in Knowledge Management with a focus on KCS (Knowldege Sharing Methodology) for a large US company.


I am also a singer-songwriter:










Favorite quotes: 'Never regret!' , ''Nee' heb je, 'Ja' kun je krijgen'